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Latham is known as the nation's leading manufacturer of in-ground fiberglass swimming pools and we are proud to be partnered directly with them. They provide us with the strongest fiberglass shells we have seen to date.

Why Fiberglass?

With low maintenance requirements and long-lasting durability, a fiberglass pool is the better option for many.


Fiberglass pools are both flexible and incredibly resilient. With the constant risk of earthquakes and tremors on the west coast, fiberglass pools can help alleviate some of the concern of your pool shell cracking. A well maintained fiberglass pool can easily last for several decades.


Our gel coating is gentle to the touch and less abrasive than traditional pools. It's non-porous finish also means it won't interact with your water chemistry as much, so you'll have more time to spend actually enjoying your pool.

Miscellaneous Perks

Construction is less of a headache for fiberglass as well. It's cleaner and the curing process is remarkably short.

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